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Thousand to education investment co., LTD. Was set up in guangxi nanning city, guangxi zhuang autonomous region,Is a strong influential private education institutions,
Administer12The chain of the kindergarten,Its various chain kindergarten environment is exquisite、First-class condition,Safe and comfortable【In more detail】

Thousands of guangxi to education(Group)Investment co., LTD

Foreign teachers dual-track type teaching in both English and Chinese,The internationalization course design with the world
High standard education chain organizations Reveal new vision international preschool education,Pour make pre-school education aristocratic quality brand

Thousands of guangxi education investment co., LTD., established in nanning city in guangxi province,In guangxi is an influential private education institutions,Administer12The chain of the kindergarten,Its various chain kindergarten environment is exquisite、First-class condition,Safe and comfortable。All install remote network monitoring in the campus,Let the baby more secure,Parents more at ease。Environmental protection plastic all children laid luxury outdoor activity site,In case of fall,Indoor senior wooden floor laid,Moisture moisture proof,Good for your health......

The kindergarten3~6Age of educational knowledge in summer
The kindergarten taipans educational knowledge in summer
A、Note added fluids in summer。In the summer of water loss is faster,As the sweat sodium、Potassium and other minerals,So the summer children should complement more fluids,At the time of make-up water,It is recommended that children eat more fruit,Or is the soup to supplement,And a few much food best。Pay attention to during the water supplement,Plain boiled water can't drink too much,Too much water is likely to cause poisoning。2、Young children need to supplement protein in summer。Infant physical development is fast,Protein is essential,The loss of protein in the environment of high temperature,Break down faster,So it's easy to have a summer insufficient protein intake。Should be
The kindergarten educational knowledge in winter
Dry climate in winter,But young children's delicate skin,In addition to give the child a drink、Eat more fruit and vegetables,Suitable to protect skin to taste is also very important。Don't give children use adult skin care products,Always ready to children's skin cream in the home。Going out had better wear a face mask,Avoid catch cold。Cover sheets at night,Push to the infant bedding when cover in a timely manner,In order to avoid the child catch a cold。They are not,Often cause other serious illness,Such as pneumonia、Myocarditis、Lobar pneumonia、Acute nephritis。     Amount of drinking water and ensure that children in winter。Water is the metabolism of human body essential ingredients。Children's metabolism,Water demand is big,Each class should organize children to drink
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